For some, roses evoke romance or nostalgia. I’ve always been entranced by their heavy aroma and singular beauty. My collection includes delicate rose pressings from Britain, France, Portugal, and Argentina, as well as American specimens. We have heirloom favorites, including Damasks, plus dazzling hybrids.
Colors: ochre, cream, taupe, crimson, dusty apricot, valentine red, golden brown, lavender, cream with pink edging and custom colors.


9.5″ x 14″ 13.5″ x 18″ 20″ x 28″ 26″ x 34″ 29″ x 48″ 32″ x 40″ 40″ x 60″

Custom pieces available in any size between 7″ x 14″ to 40″ x 60″.