The fern is among the earth’s oldest and most prolific plants. Its primal symmetry and etherial movement inspired folklore in virtually every culture. Luck, enlightenment and even magical powers were bestowed upon those who witnessed certain ferns’ rare annual bloom, according to legends. Maybe it’s fern magic that helps us preserve such perfect and intricate specimens. We press and mount each one to capture that primordial movement. Our collection includes petite woodland ferns from North America and majestic ferns from the rain forests of Costa Rica, South America, and the Pacific Northwest.



9.5″ x 14″ 13.5″ x 18″ 20″ x 28″ 26″ x 34″ 29″ x 48″ 32″ x 40″ 40″ x 60″

Custom pieces available in any size between 7″ x 14″ to 40″ x 60″.