About Us

I’m Lauren Lachance, a botanical artist and adventurer. I fell in love with the visual poetry of leaves and blossoms at an early age. For years, I traveled to remote and sacred places, documenting exotic plants with ink and watercolor. When I discovered the astounding way a delicate pressing can illustrate the essence and vitality of a plant, it became my passion.  Breathe deeply and look closely. The energy of every plant can impart profound wisdom and beauty if you’re willing to listen.


Eduardo Benitez is my husband and joined the company as principal partner in 2006. He combines his flawless design expertise and management background to oversee the operations of The Lauren Lachance Collection. Eduardo’s strong aesthetic enable us to stay true to our signature style, yet also create private label lines complimentary to established corporate brands. It was his insight that led to our unique frames, handcrafted from exquisite reclaimed materials and sustainably harvested timber.



The Lauren Lachance Collection brings you the world’s most extraordinary botanical art. It’s the largest known collection of its kind. Our rare and beautiful specimens were collected over 20 years of expeditions to the far reaches of the globe. Each piece is a true reflection of natural beauty. A simple snapshot of plant magic preserved just for you.

The herbier is a centuries-old method of drying and pressing plants. I lovingly evolved this precise technique into an original, contemporary art form. My work’s signature style marries traditional and modern design-timelessly and organically.

Breathtaking detail is what sets our collection apart from everyday pressings and reproductions. But our reputation for collaborative design-for delivering precisely what our customers want-is what has made this family business an enduring brand of art.

We’ve journeyed far and wide to discover botanical wonderment. Now we invite you to join us and explore the enchanting world of plants!